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HTMLRUN TechNEWS - 003 | Chrome, Google TEZ, Airtel

1 . Chrome auto-play video    Google chrome will soon provide setting for auto-play video on website.
    User can allow auto-play or not, and also you can mute the video sound.

2. Google TEZ    Google is planning to launch a payment app called TEZ in India.
    Google announced the launch date of TEZ app on Monday September 18 2017
    by Union Finance Minister Arun Jeitley.

3. Airtel 60 GB    Airtel announced 60 GB data to postpaid customers.

    - Go to MyAirtel app which would prompt to download Airtel TV
    - Download Airtel TV app
    - Postpaid user will get 60 GB data for 6 month
    - 10 GB per month

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HTMLRUN TechNEWS - 002 | Google drive,Pixel, Iphone 8, Xiomi MI MIX 2, SAMSUNG, IoT

1. Google Drive Now google will delete all your backup if you do not use google drive up to 2 months. 2. Google Pixel 2Google announced launch date of pixel 2  on OCTOBER 4. 3. Iphone 8 pre-order nowApple iphone 8 , iphone 8 plus , Apple TV 4k and Apple Watch are now live, you can pre order now. 4. Xiaomi MI MIX2 MI MIX 2 sold in just 58 sec in first sale. 5. Samsung galaxy note 8SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 8 are now available on stores now. 6. IoTAruna Sundararajan Says IoT alone will create 15 million jobs. 7. Xiaomi BandXiaomi Launched HRX Edition of band at just Rs 1299 /-  with 23 days battery  life

HTMLRUN TechNEWS - 001 | Blueborne malware attack

1. BlueBorne malware:The BlueBorne attack spreads via Bluetooth The hacker doesn't need to pair with the device to infect malware The attack can spread malware on Android, Linux, Windows, and iOS devices.
Precaution: 1. Keep your mobile Bluetooth off.  2. Use Bluetooth when require.

Note: Check your device is affected or not using app. Click Here for app.

Conteneditable without javascript in HTML5

Conteneditable is an attribute of HTML element  to edit the content, you can easily edit the content.



        <table border="1">
                <td contenteditable='true'>HTML</td>


What's new in HTML5?

section: This tag represents a generic document or application section. It can be used
         together with h1-h6 to indicate the document structure. article: This tag represents an independent piece of content of a document, such as a
         blog entry or newspaper article.aside: This tag represents a piece of content that is only slightly related to the rest of
         the page.header: This tag represents the header of a section. footer: This tag represents a footer for a section and can contain information about the
         author, copyright information.nav: This tag represents a section of the document intended for navigation.dialog: This tag can be used to mark up a conversation.figure:  This   tag   can   be   used   to   associate   a   caption   together   with   some   embedded
         content, such as a graphic or video.

Use of HTML Quotation, Blockquote and Cite.

1. Quotation            In HTML for quotation mark you need to use <q>--</q> tag. The browser can understand the meaning of  <q> tag.
Syantax: <q> Sentence for quotation </q>
<TITLE> HTML Quotation</TITLE>

    <H1> Example of HTML quotation mark</H1>

    <H2><p><q>A complete tutorial of HTML with</q>



2. Blockquote.        In HTML for blockquote you have to use <blockquote> tag. To make a block of any paragraph with just like a justify alignment in word.

Syntax:<blockquote> Large number of sentences </blockquote>
<H1>Example of Blockquote</H1>

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