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11. What is the HTML tag for break?

       HTML break tag is <br>

12. What are the extension supported by HTML?

       HTML supports .html and .htm also.

13. How to create tables using HTML?

      HTML tables are created using tags<table>. To divide a HTML table we have to use <tr>,which is table row. And also we have <td> and <th>.

14. How to add image in HTML?

      HTML tag for image is <img>. e.g. <img src= "image.jog" alt="image">
      src is source path.

15. How to change the font size?

      To change the font use a simple tag <font size="5"> Or you can use     heading tags also to give 
      change the font.Heading tag example: <h1></h1><h2></h2>.....<h6></h6>

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