HTMLRUN TechNEWS - 002 | Google drive,Pixel, Iphone 8, Xiomi MI MIX 2, SAMSUNG, IoT


1. Google Drive 

Now google will delete all your backup if you do not use google drive up to 2 months.

2. Google Pixel 2

Google announced launch date of pixel 2  on OCTOBER 4.

3. Iphone 8 pre-order now

Apple iphone 8 , iphone 8 plus , Apple TV 4k and Apple Watch
are now live, you can pre order now.

4. Xiaomi MI MIX2 

MI MIX 2 sold in just 58 sec in first sale.

5. Samsung galaxy note 8

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 8 are now available on stores now.

6. IoT

Aruna Sundararajan Says IoT alone will create 15 million jobs.

7. Xiaomi Band

Xiaomi Launched HRX Edition of band at just Rs 1299 /-
 with 23 days battery  life


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