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Convert Video Using VLC Media Player | HTMLRUN | Windows Tips

Steps: 1. Open VLC media Player 2. Click on Media  then  Convert/Save 3. Add your video by clicking Add button 4. click on convert 5. Select Profile to which to want convert your video 6. Select Destination Folder 7. And Start Click on below YouTube video for more Details YouTube Video link

4 Ways to take screenshot in Windows

  HTML Run YouTube Channel :  HTMLRun YouTube Channel 1. Full screen screenshot     1.  Press Print Screen (prt sc) button on keyboard     2.  Open Paint     3. Click on Paste     4. Save It. 2. Screenshot of Active window on screen     1. Press Alt + Print Screen     2. Open Paint -> Paste and Save It. 3. Full Screen Shot Save Directly     1. Press Windows + Print Screen      2. In Some case it wil be Windows + fn + Print Screen     3. Screenshot directly get saved in Pictures-->Screenshot Folder 4. Screen shot using snipping tool     1. Open Snipping tool         a. For windows 10 click on notification panel and click on screen snip         b. Other windows version press windows button and search for snipping tool     2. Select required portion     3. Open Paint , Paste and Save it ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ HTML Run YouTube Channel :  HTMLRun YouTube Channel

How to clear Android App cache

Click on below link to watch video How to Clear Android App cache