HTML Introduction

HTML Introduction

HTML is a Hyper Text Markup Language, mainly use to create a web pages, HTML is written in the form of HTML element consisting of TAG enclosed in angle bracket like <HTML>.

Following are the compulsory and main tag during HTML Coding.

  1. <HTML>....</HTML> 

  2. <HEAD>....</HEAD> 

  3. <TITLE>....</TITLE> 

  4. <BODY>....</BODY>

1. <HTML>....</HTML>:

     This is the starting and ending tag of each and every HTML program.

2. <HEAD>...</HEAD>

     This is Heading tag for HTML program If you want to put something on heading
     you need to use <HEAD> Tag.

3. <TITLE>....<TITLE>

     This is a Title tag of HTML use to put a title of page on the browser tab. This tag will
      work under <HEAD> tag.
                      <TITLE>My Page</TITLE>

4. <BODY>....</BODY>

    The all the matter of your website are come under the <BODY> Tag.
     This tag will work under <HTML> Tag.

Simple HTML Program:

                               <! Doctype HTML>
                                          <TITLE>My Page</TITLE>
                                         //Matter of your website

Video Tutorial of Simple HTML Code:

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