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Difference between HTML and HTML5

         HTML (1.0 to 4.0) we all know the major tags which are used in the HTML. All the tags are more useful to built a successful website. But as per the future requirement and drastic changes in the field of website design, the new version of HTML comes up i.e. HTML 5 which is the best way to make your website smooth and viewable design.               HTML 5  comes with the outstanding changes which are very very useful for the website design and also who or using HTML for there own purpose.  The following tags are added into the HTML 5: 1. Simplified syntax. 2. <canvas> element in HTML 5 3. <section> and <article> 4. <menu> and <figures> 5. <audio> and <video> 6. new <form> 7. and many more... . For Video Tutorials click Here