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HTMLRUN TechNEWS - 004 | Tez, Apple launch event, Autorickshaws, India Post Payments Bank,Twitter

1. Google Tez Google changed the name of Tez , now it become Google Pay. 2. Apple Launch Event On September 12 (10:30 PM) Apple will be launching the new iPhone devices. 3. Autorickshaw with QR code Now Autorickshaw will get a Unique Identification Number and QR code to identity the autorickshaw  4.  India Post Payments Bank PM launches India Post Payments Bank. India Post has the largest network in India, now it is converted to Payment Bank. It Offers a doorstep banking. 5. Twitter Now in Twitter user will able to see the followers who are online.

HTMLRUN TechNEWS - 003 | Chrome, Google TEZ, Airtel

    1 . Chrome auto-play video     Google chrome will soon provide setting for auto-play video on website.     User can allow auto-play or not, and also you can mute the video sound.      2. Google TEZ     Google is planning to launch a payment app called TEZ in India.     Google announced the launch date of TEZ app on Monday September 18 2017     by Union Finance Minister Arun Jeitley.      3. Airtel 60 GB     Airtel announced 60 GB data to postpaid customers.        - Go to MyAirtel app which would prompt to download Airtel TV     - Download Airtel TV app     - Postpaid user will get 60 GB data for 6 month     - 10 GB per month