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How to clear Android App cache

Click on below link to watch video How to Clear Android App cache                                   

HTMLRUN TECH NEWS 005 | Nokia 7.2, Facebook

1. Nokia 7.2 Spotted on Geekbench  Photo Credit :  NokiaPowerUser and NDTV Gadget - Nokia 7.2 is expected to launch next month in Berlin 2. Facebook may launch News Tab later this Year - Facebook may launch this feature in the US later this year - " A Dedicated news tab  will appear prominently alongside core feature     like the news feed, Messenger and Watch," according to CNBC

How to enable IIS on windows?

This videos shows that how you can enable IIS on your windows.

Difference Between Authentication and Authorinzation

Authentication: It validate or checks whether you are a valid user for login. Simply checking you have right password and username Authorization: It checks whether you have access the particular website, page, file etc.

HTMLRUN TechNEWS - 001 | Blueborne malware attack

    1. BlueBorne malware: The BlueBorne attack spreads via Bluetooth The hacker doesn't need to pair with the device to infect malware The attack can spread malware on Android, Linux, Windows, and iOS devices. Precaution: 1. Keep your mobile Bluetooth off.  2. Use Bluetooth when require. Note: Check your device is affected or not using app. Click Here for app .  

What's new in HTML5?

section : This tag represents a generic document or application section. It can be used          together with h1-h6 to indicate the document structure. article: This tag represents an independent piece of content of a document, such as a          blog entry or newspaper article.   aside: This tag represents a piece of content that is only slightly related to the rest of          the page.   header: This tag represents the header of a section.  footer: This tag represents a footer for a section and can contain information about the          author, copyright information. nav: This tag represents a section of the document intended for navigation. dialog: This tag can be used to mark up a conversation.   figure :  This   tag   can   be   used   to   associate   a   caption   together   with   some   embedded          content, such as a graphic or video.