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Top 5 HTML Interview Questions (Part 4)

16. How to open a link in new tab or window?       Use the following code to open the link in new tab or window        <a href = "" target="_blank">Click Here</a> 17. What are heading tag in HTML?        There are different tags in HTML Heading.         <H1>Large Heading</H1>          <H2>Heading Two</H2>         ----         <H6>Small Heading</H6> 18. How to change the Background Color in HTML?       Just use the bgcolor in body tag      <body bgcolor="#FF00FF"> 19. Different types of HTML List?       Ordered List and Unordered List. 20. How to Add Title in HTML ?       To add Title in HTML code use the <TITLE></TITLE> Tag in between     <HEAD></HEAD> Tag       e.g. <HEAD>                       <TITLE>My  PAGE</TITLE>              </HEAD>         

Top 5 HTML Interview Qurstions(Part 3)

11. What is the HTML tag for break?        HTML break tag is <br> 12. What are the extension supported by HTML?        HTML supports .html and .htm also. 13. How to create tables using HTML?       HTML tables are created using tags<table>. To divide a HTML table we have to use <tr>,which is table row. And also we have <td> and <th>. 14. How to add image in HTML?       HTML tag for image is <img>. e.g. <img src= "image.jog" alt="image">       src is source path. 15. How to change the font size?       To change the font use a simple tag <font size="5"> Or you can use     heading tags also to give        change the font.Heading tag example: <h1></h1><h2></h2>.....<h6></h6> For Video Tutorials click Here

Top 5 HTML Interview Questions (Part 2).

    6. What is HTML Attribute?     HTML attribute adds additional information to the HTML Elements. For example, <font size="5" color="green">, here size and color are html attributes. 7. What is Hyperlinks?     Hyperlinks are used to navigate to new document with help of text, image or with group of words. 8. Name some of the web browser?     Most famous web browsers are Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, opera, Safari and netscape etc. 9. What is WWW?     WWW is stands for World Wide Web.  It is the interconnection of all the links called as internet. 10. Which is the basic editor for HTML?      There are many editiors for HTML like notepad, notpad++,  EditPLus and WYSIWYG HTML editior etc. For Video Tutorials click Here

Top 5 HTML Interview Questions.(Part 1)

1. What is HTML? HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It Is a markup language for world wide web. HTML was developed by Tim Berners Lee during 1990’s. It consists of tags which are used to define content and web page formatting.     2. What is DOCTYPE? DOCTYPE stands for Document Type Declarations. DOCTYPE is USED to specify the web browsers that which types of documents (such as SGML or XML Documents) it will receive. <! DOCTYPE> is declared above the <html> tag.     3. What are the different version of HTML? HTML has many versions since it inceptions during 1990’a. HTML version are HTML, HTML+, HTML2.0, HTML 3.2, HTML 4.0 and HTML5.     4. What are HTML Tags? HTML tags similar to keywords which has specifies function, for example, for paragraph we can use HTML tag <p>. HTML tags mostly comes in pair like <p></p>.     5. What is Element? An HTML element is

Founder of HTML

  Tim Berners-Lee Born: June 8, 1955 (age 59), London, United Kingdom   Awards: Marconi Prize, Charles Stark Draper Prize, MacArthur Fellowship, Mountbatten Medal, President's Medal

Difference between HTML and HTML5

         HTML (1.0 to 4.0) we all know the major tags which are used in the HTML. All the tags are more useful to built a successful website. But as per the future requirement and drastic changes in the field of website design, the new version of HTML comes up i.e. HTML 5 which is the best way to make your website smooth and viewable design.               HTML 5  comes with the outstanding changes which are very very useful for the website design and also who or using HTML for there own purpose.  The following tags are added into the HTML 5: 1. Simplified syntax. 2. <canvas> element in HTML 5 3. <section> and <article> 4. <menu> and <figures> 5. <audio> and <video> 6. new <form> 7. and many more... . For Video Tutorials click Here