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Top 5 HTML Interview Questions (Part 4)

16. How to open a link in new tab or window?

      Use the following code to open the link in new tab or window
       <a href = "" target="_blank">Click Here</a>

17. What are heading tag in HTML?

       There are different tags in HTML Heading.
        <H1>Large Heading</H1> 
        <H2>Heading Two</H2>
        <H6>Small Heading</H6>

18. How to change the Background Color in HTML?

      Just use the bgcolor in body tag
     <body bgcolor="#FF00FF">

19. Different types of HTML List?

      Ordered List and Unordered List.

20. How to Add Title in HTML ?

      To add Title in HTML code use the <TITLE></TITLE> Tag in between     <HEAD></HEAD> Tag
      e.g. <HEAD>
                      <TITLE>My  PAGE</TITLE>


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Use of HTML Quotation, Blockquote and Cite.

1. Quotation            In HTML for quotation mark you need to use <q>--</q> tag. The browser can understand the meaning of  <q> tag.
Syantax: <q> Sentence for quotation </q>
<TITLE> HTML Quotation</TITLE>

    <H1> Example of HTML quotation mark</H1>

    <H2><p><q>A complete tutorial of HTML with</q>



2. Blockquote.        In HTML for blockquote you have to use <blockquote> tag. To make a block of any paragraph with just like a justify alignment in word.

Syntax:<blockquote> Large number of sentences </blockquote>
<H1>Example of Blockquote</H1>

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